Electricity Bill Management System Project in Java

Electricity Bill Management System Project in Java can be used for computerizing the electricity bill preparation of the consumers.  The project also contains programs for preparing various kinds of reports such as daily, monthly and personnel etc.

This is developed in java a d the database used here is MS SQL SERVER.  It also developed programs to display information of consumers.  Many irregularities exist in the present system, which is manually maintained.  It requires high processing time.  Errors may also occur in this system.  The new system developed includes the provision for future expansion. 

The main objective of this system is

  1. To reduce the manual processing time.
  2. To make the system easy for handling by organizing the system in the regular order.
  3. To reduce the  maintenance cost of the system
  4. To easily incorporate the future developments and changes.
  5. To maintain an error free data base.

To achieve this objective we have designed a LT BILLING SYSTEM.  This software package can be operational in menu driven way which will be helpful to the end user.

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