Electrical Technical Seminar Topic on CAN-based Higher Layer Protoclols and Profiles

Introduction to Electrical Technical Seminar Topic on CAN-based  Higher Layer Protoclols and Profiles:

Some of the features of CAN-based protocols are as follows:

Network management

Principles of device profiles and modeling

Method of processing data connection establishment

Peer-to-peer communication

Methods of process data exchange

System of message identifier assignment

A predefined set of connection is available for explicating messages between a master device and a slave device and it includes:

Strobe channel

Master poll or cyclic channel or change of state

Slave I/O

Explicit message channel

The three elements that determined the SDS message meaning is:

3 bit service type

7 bit logical address

Pri bit and Dir bit

Device configuration with the help of configuration tools various channels for multi-purpose uses are required. These channels are known as non-time critical channels for communication and they always exist between a device that is needed to be configured and a configuration tool. The data transmission has to be executed by various manners and it needs several higher layer protocols which support configuration device providing peer- to-peer communication option.

Detection as well as identification of network failures is the main function of network management. It also helps to control the status of communication of the nodes that are distributed. The following information must be present to make up a device profile and modeling:

Configuration of data

Interfaces of public to that specified data

A data format that is required for the device

Object model

The use of CAN protocol cannot be under determined in any way and its widespread application ranging from the automobile industry to any sort of industrial applications lead to the development of various high class protocols. In the country of the USA the SAE J1939 standard is widely accepted and it is a related protocol of CAN protocol. This is used for the application of tucks and buses. This is an important a swell as an advantageous application.

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