electrical projects for beginners

List of electrical projects for beginners:

Engineering freshers who are looking for electrical projects for beginners can download project reports,ppt,seminar topics,pdf,base paper from this site for free of cost. Projects listed here will be helpful for final year b.tech engineering students as refernce for there final year projects. Projects listed here are part of this year and previous year projects.

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Links to download electrical projects for beginners:

  1. Wide Range Tunable Band Pass Filter Seminar Topic
  2. Wireless Data and Voice Communication through Infrared-LED Project
  3. Teleportation ECE Seminar Report
  4. Electronics Voting Machine ECE Project Report
  5. Electronics Cash Register ECE Seminar Project
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  1. if there were vdeos to clear the idea then it would be nice . and most of the projects r in ppt format which r not useful

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