Efficient Online Banking System Project Abstract

Online banking system can be considered as the one of the great tool supporting many customers as well as banks and financial institutions to make may banking activities through online. Every day banks need to perform many activities related to users which needs huge infrastructure with more staff members etc. But the online banking system allows the banks to perform these activities in a simpler way without involving the employees for example consider online banking, mobile banking and ATM banking. But banking system needs to be more secure and reliable because each and every task performed is related to customer’s money. Especially authentication and validation of user access is the major task in the banking systems.

Existing system

The existing system is having many problems such as security problems, more human involvement which is a time consuming process with many manual calculations. It even includes the machine damage and signature verification process for secured transactions which allows the customers and banks to waste their valuable time and resources. The major problem in online banking system is unauthorized user access with fake passwords. The hackers are trying to hack the user accounts and are performing different unauthorized transactions.   

Proposed System

The proposed system is highly computerized in which the data related to user accounts will be secured high with high accuracy that even reduces the machine damage and human made errors and this existing system is highly efficient to offer best services to the customers as well as banks because it has user friendly access that consumes less time when compared with normal banking system.

Hardware Requirements

This system needs an Windows XP operating system with 512 MB Ram along with a Pentium processor.

 Software Requirements

The software requirements of this system are ASP.Net visual studio of 2005 with same SQL server 2005 that is supported with AJAX.

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