Introduction to Efficient Broadcasting with Guaranteed Coverage in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks:

Efficient broadcasting with guaranteed coverage in mobile ad hoc networks project explains about concept of ensuring full coverage using small set of forward nodes. Initially we study different methods in which every node is efficiently updating information to its neighbor node in timely manner. Then we move to implement moving nodes in broadcast process and considering different impractical cases for updating consistent local views.

A frame work is developed to deal with impractical conditions in MANET which should provide good coverage, connectivity, consistency and link availability in ad hoc network.

In order to provide solution for above mentioned properties we develop a step by step procedure. In first step a minimum transmit ion range is established for construction virtual networks from local views. Then we use two transmit ion range one transmit ion range is for communication between neighbor nodes and other range for collection actual data transmission to establish a buzzer zone through which guarantee links between nodes are established in the physical network. Finally we propose a method called aggregate local view to guarantee consistent local views. By using two techniques wu and di’s coverage conditions for mobile nodes using network broadcasting.

Students can find more information on related projects seminar topics from this site for free download. Final year and third year computer science students can download project source code and paper presentations.

Download efficient broadcasting with guaranteed coverage in mobile ad hoc networks project abstract from this link.