Introduction to Efficient and Economical Solution for Traffic Congestion in Urban Areas ECE Seminar Topic:

The main aim of this project is to reduce the traffic problems in urban areas. The entire project is done using single beam analysis and manual or ms excel method and finite element method. The traffic in the various areas is analyzed and various methods are proposed for controlling the flow of traffic. In this paper we will discuss how various methods are used for controlling the flow of traffic.

Brief into the methods for controlling traffic problems:

The traffic at various junctions is calculated and the flow of vehicles is noted for different timings. By taking preventive measures and by making new road constructions the traffic problems are overcome. By halting the flow of cars in narrow streets and by using some alternative routes the flow of traffic is controlled. By using public transport system in busy areas the use of their own vehicles gets reduced by the people. By constructing fly over in the busy areas the traffic gets controlled. In busy timing by making the vehicles to go in one way the traffic problem gets reduced. By constructing multistoried parking buildings the space for parking on busy roads gets reduced. 

Finite Element method:

In this method system of points create a mesh which gives the characteristics of the structural design. This method is used for construction and maintenance of under pass flyovers. When the vehicles are flowing on the flyovers by using this method we can develop a spread sheet for measuring the stresses and visualizations on the bridge and to check the structural defects. Thus we can conclude that these methods can be implemented in metropolitan cities for controlling the traffic problems. 

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