ECE Technical Seminar Topic on Light Emitting Polymers PPT

Introduction to ECE Technical Seminar Topic on Light Emitting Polymers:

The emission of light is very essential need in the current days. In the year 1990, the inventors introduced a light emitting technology using polymers and it named as Light Emitting Polymer [LEP]. The Light Emitting Polymer is a type of emissive technology which emits the light treating it as a purpose of electrical task or operation. The LEP is discovered for the emission of light with the need of conducting polymers.

            The LEP is made up of a polymer. This polymer is fixed in such a way that it is in between one anode and one cathode. The type of material that used to develop an anode is Indium Tin Oxide [ITO]. To develop a cathode some kind of metals are used. The polymer is placed in between this kind of materials for the emission of light. The LEP exhibits the characteristics of electroluminescent. The polymers which emit the light will works in the function of electric field such as Polyvinyl Chloride. The polymers are broadly classified into three types such as conductors, semiconductors, and insulators.

            The LEP comes into operation when we apply the electric field in between the cathode and the anode. When we apply electric field in between both electrodes, both the positive charge and the negative charge will travel in polymer. The cathode will inject the electrons and the anode will inject the holes. During this operation the charges which are injected will recombine and decomposes. With this combination it will generate one neutral exited state.

After this the ITO surface will be covered with polymer. Then the alcohol based cleaner is used to clean every surface and it is placed near to UV ozone cleaner to bombard with UV rays. After this process spin coating will be done. On the above part of electrodes some samples are placed connect them to high resistance metal alloy. The next step is testing. It consumes less energy and covers long distance. Therefore, LEP is a technology that has the properties of electrical and optical technology and provides flexible lighting. 

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