ECE Seminar Topics Latest on Inverters

Introduction to Seminar Topics on Inverters:

Transformer is the device which allows the alternating voltage into desired output voltage without changing the frequency i.e.; it’s a static device that alters voltage to high or low at a constant frequency here comes the need of an variable frequency device inverter overcomes this drawback allowing to change in voltage at desired frequency, the main phenomenon of an inverter is electric power conversion converting direct current to alternating current at different operating frequencies..These are the devices used commonly to supply AC supply from an dc source such as batteries an solar panels and other dc sources.

This paper provides detail information regarding the evolution of inverter and its utilization in real time application and gives a glance on the future development of the inverter in upcoming electrical technologies.

The circuit we used in this paper is simple provided with various components list and this circuit comprises of CD4047 IC & MOSFET IRF540 that functions to generate a wave 50Hz. This circuit uses 12V input (12V battery) to out 220V 50HZ.

The inverter has several merits, they are as follows firstly they provide DC power utilization, secondly they used in various applications like Uninterruptible power supplies, Uninterruptible power supplies, and general applications. The general case is that output power always less than the input power, but efficiencies can be increased, and some part of energy may dissipated as heat.

Circuit description:

The circuit is very simple, low cost and can be even assembled on a breadboard. The inverter designed in this paper consists of following major components:

  1. An IC having range of CD4047.
  2. Two power MOSFETS with arrange of IRF540. 
  3.  Diode of range 1N4007.                                          
  4. Resistors used having values 220Ω, 390Ω, 1KΩ.                  
  5.  capacitor  of two ranges 0.01µf , 0.1µf
  6. PCB (printed circuit board).

The circuit assembly and its operation were clearly explained in this paper.

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