ECE Seminar Topic on Eye Writer

Introduction to ECE Seminar Topic on Eye Writer:

Eye tracker is a device which measures the movement and positions of eye. Eye writer glasses and the open source software translate it to lines on screen. There are several eye trackers available and the most popular one in which employs video imaging method for tracking the movement of eye. This paper discusses the working model of eye writer and its applications in various fields.

Brief on eye writer:

From the 18th century the research are going on for tracking the movement of eye. Eye trackers measure the rotations of eye and there are three methods for measuring the rotation of eyes. In the first method we use a contact lens embedded with a mirror or a sensor which calculates the rotation of eyes.

We can use a optical sensor which measure the movement of eye.  The other method to calculate the movement of eye is to place electrodes around the eye which captures the electric potentials by which we can measure the rotation of eye. We will employ a bright pupil or a dark pupil for measuring the movement of eye. The difference among the bright pupil and dark pupil occur by placing the illumination source with respect to the optics.


These are very helpful for handicapped persons where they can send emails and convey their information on a computer screen. These are used in research purposes for exploring various fields of science and technology.

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