ECE Seminar Topic on Breathe Alcohol Tester with Seminar Report

Introduction to  Breathe Alcohol Tester with Seminar Topic:

Breath alcohol tester is an electronic device which the information of alcohol level in blood by analyzing the breath exhaled into the system. This device employs a semiconductor device for measuring the alcohol level in blood. The advantage of using semiconductor device is that it is highly robust and highly immune to shock and vibration and more reliable. There are other methods for finding the alcohol  level in  blood like chemical reaction and infrared absorption method which are not that effective like a semiconductor device and they are very expensive and have a short life time. In this paper we will discuss the working and applications of alcohol testers.

Working model:

The alcohol levels are tested by using a sensor which consists of semiconductor material and is protected by a double layer of stainless steel screening and the device is mounted on a ceramic tube. When the alcohol tester is on the sensor which consists of a semiconductor gets heated to normal temperature which causes a depletion layer to form between the surface and sensor and it absorbs oxygen at this time and  shows high resistive properties and if a drunken person is blows his breath , the alcohol reacts with the oxygen and the changes occur in the depletion layer and it shows low resistive properties and the circuit calculate the level of alcohol according to the change in the resistive properties.  A 7805 voltage regulator which supplies a 5v dc is used for heating the coil present in the sensor.


These are use by traffic police to restrict the drunken drivers from driving the vehicles during night time. This is fast method for giving the alcohol level in the blood whereas the normal chemical reactive methods take a lot of time for giving results. This method can also be employed for knowing the toxic levels in blood.

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