ECE Seminar Report on Nano Robot in Human Body

Introduction to  Seminar Topic on Nano Robot in Human Body:

The objective of this model is to design a nano robot which moves through the blood vessels of our body and kills the pathogens and repairs the damaged tissues. For designing these robots nano technology is employed. This is advancement in the nano biotechnology which reduces the diseases the occurred in the body and the person need not consult a doctor or even need not take a medicine.

Brief into the design and working:

Nanotechnology is the science which deals with the direct manipulation of atoms and molecules for the development of substances which use the novel properties which are of few nano meters in size. Electric sensors are present in the nano robot which detects the surroundings and cell condition by electrical and chemical means.

Actuators are bio motors are artificially manufactured in laboratories by using dilute nucleic acid. The biomotors get the required power from the ATP present in the body. Control mechanism is provided for the robot which handles the functions to be performed and the control mechanism offered by the control assembly is equivalent to a PC.


This type of nano robots can completely destroy the pathogens present in the human body due to which the immunity increases. This kind of robots can increase the life span the human beings as they repair the damage tissues. The nano robots proper treatment to the disease occurred. The nano robs may come to availability in the coming five to ten years of time.

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