ECE Seminar Report on Artificial Vision System

Introduction to  Seminar Topic on Artificial Vision System:                      :

 In general all most all persons having all body parts, but they didn’t do any work perfectly. Then what about the handicap persons. Here we are discussing about blind people. They are being feared by the public, because public doesn’t help anyone. For this kind of people scientists decided to end the blindness, so researchers developed a hi-tech technology, which is known as “ARTIFICIAL VISION SYSTEM”. It has a linking of both “ELECTRONICS” and “BIOTECHNOLOGY”.

                      In eye, the main complex part is retina. Our eye has 3-cells for receiving and transmitting the images onto the brain, which are Rods, Cones and Ganglions. Their function is scattering light from the objects enters through cornea that information (light) is received by the rods and cones, these are transmitting to the ganglion in the retina and interrupt the light send onto the brain through optic nerve. In this process some of diseases attack the retina and rendering the rods and cones, which causes loss of vision or total blindness. So diseases effects ganglions or optic nerve means researchers develop artificial rods and cones.

                        Dr. Mark Humayun proved that behind the retina nerve ganglia has been functioned for blinded people. So the scientists generated 2-silicon devices is “ARTIFICIAL SILICON RETINAS” which has a diameter of .078 inch. With this ASR some people can see spots and even saw crud shapes in the form of light sports. So researchers develop computer chips with hope that transmits more clear images to the brain. ASR contains 3,500 millions of microscopic solar cells which converts light into electric pulses. ASR receives needed power from the light. So this ASR in placed behind the retina, which receives all types of light. So no need of wires, batteries and 2nd device to power supply. 2nd chip is “ARTIFICIAL RETINA COMPONENT CHIP” (ARCC) similar to ASR. But blind people ability to see 10 by 10 pixel image.

                      The main parts of this system are miniature video camera, signal processor and brain implants. Pinhole camera mounted in a pair of glasses capture scene sends it to a computer on patient’s belt. Processor converts into series of signals sends to brain can understand and transmits to brain implant is placed in patient’s visual cortex; if everything will done perfectly brain will see the image. So we can end the blinded people blindness.

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