ECE Project on Infrared Jammer

Introduction to the Infrared Jammer:

This ECE Project paper on Infrared Jammer mainly concentrates on the Digital logic design applications, in building a infrared jammer. The information signal is represented in the form of binary bits 0 and 1. The jamming of the signal is achieved by transmitting a blank signal pulse with a frequency of 38 to 50 kHz, so that the receiver will be busy, and it cannot switch to other signal.

Construction and Working:

The schematic consists of IC555 timer which is preferred for tuning the frequency in between 30 to 50 kHz which is the required operating frequency. The LED glows on and off when it is provided with the oscillator output to the base transistor. The entire circuit works on the dc power supply of +9v which are provided by an external battery. The jammer works within the operating frequency in which the original remote signal works. The voltage fluctuations should be controlled from preventing the IC and LED getting burnt.

Future Scope of the Project:

By increasing the operating frequency we can control the devices within a larger distance. If the frequency tuning is achieved then by tuning the operating frequency to multiple frequencies we can control more no devices at a time.

Download B Tech Final Year ECE & EEE Project on Infrared Jammer.

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