ECE Project Idea on Research and Design Methodology for Digital Lock

Introduction to  Research and Design Methodology for Digital Lock :

The circuit for this project consists of a keyboard encoder, power supply, dc motor, visual indicator, microcontroller and a power supply. This paper has tried to demonstrate the prototype digital lock which can be constructed at less cost without spending unnecessary money.

This paper gives a brief description about the digital circuits and component used to create a digital lock. Key encoder provides all logic to fully encode the array of SPST switches. The power supply unit is one the main unit which powers the suit which offers 6VDC and stabilizes to 5VDC for the operation of microprocessor. The visual display unit is designed to show current values of how many times workers have attended the device.

The next main part is the DC motor unit which is used to operate the lock. It work on the same principle as that of DC generator where it operates in reverse as of DC generator, the motor consumes more energy i.e. power source in the system.The main unit in the system is the microcontroller which is supposed to be the brain of the system, but it does not perform all operation as a computer does. The brief description about the microcontroller is discussed in this paper, about its logical units and its registers. All the other electronic devices like capacitors, diode, LEDs are been discussed in this paper.

After all the circuit design is over the next procedure is to join the devices by soldering all electronic devices to the mother board and assembling the digital lock system to a well-designed wooden box. After all the circuit should be tested whether it is performing correctly as the need. The other main part is the software on which lock should be operated which is designed by a professional software engineer in C language. After all this procedure the system is checked and conform its quality.

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