ECE PPT Topic on Embedded In PIC with Presentation

Introduction to Embedded In PIC:

The paper is about the microcontroller. The micro controller is considered as the small computer on a circuit with a number of units such as the processor core, the memory and also the input/output peripherals.  These controllers are used mostly for the embedded applications. These controllers are used mostly for the embedded applications.

In general the microcontrollers are widely used in different products and also devices related to the medical field, appliances and also related to the toys. When compared with size or even cost, the micro controller is most efficient to that of the microprocessor.

The microcontrollers are capable of operating at the clock rate frequencies which is to the minimum of 4 kHz, so that the power consumption reduces. It is even capable of retaining the functionality when the event waiting occurs. Whereas the other microcontrollers can be used in the critical situations are capable of behaving like the digital processor with the power consumption high and also with high clock speed.

In general the microcontroller has variants, where one has possibility of erasing the programmable memory EPROM, which is more expensive when compared to that of the other variant PROM which can be programmed at only once. When we speak about the EPROM erasing property includes the ultraviolet light through a transparent quartz id.

We can conclude that the microcontroller is more efficient when compared to that of the microprocessor can be in terms of either cost or even the size. The applications of the microcontroller are widely used in many fields. It is considered as a small computer with all the units on a circuit.

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