E-booking asp.net project source code

E-booking is an online web portal project which is implemented in asp.net platform.

This project is developed by taking flipkart.com website as a reference site and this web portal consists of all the features that are present in flipcart.com website.

In the present scenario, there are many websites which provide a solution to buy every product through the online portal but this site is developed only for buying books.

Users should register with the application and then add selected books to chart and pay money through credit card or on delivery basis.

As the usage of internet is growing from day to day users are willing to buy products from online because of low cost and to save time.

Developing this application as the mini project can help students to gain knowledge on C# language, sql server, layered architecture with presentation layer and data access layer and more.

You can download entire project source code and step by step procedure for executing this project.

e-booking asp.net project source code and project abstract.

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