E-Book Reader Project Class Diagram

Introduction to E-Book Reader Project :

E-book is also called electronic-book and it is look like form of a tablet pc, where e-book has more battery backup and easy to carry and possible for internet connection using Wi-Fi.

E-book reader  contains seven classes .Those are Register, home screen, registration form, user, Admin, Database, Guest and  book .Enter to the home screen must have login and id and password  otherwise enter the guest screen. If the user needs a membership to logon to use, he/she needs to fill the registration form where resister form contains name, user name, password, email-id and phone. After filling the form user enter the tools.

The tool is display the user information and user enquiries like which kind of books need to view, add, search, edit and navigation here the database is stored all the information required for  views and  user information and location to be stored. The book class contains the book name, author name, year of publishing, ISBN and numbers of books are in store. Where the guest class is contains the   display the books, search the book and Fill the register form. Where Admin class contained the all the operation of the editing like add user, delete users and add/delete books.

 When design part of e-book 2 type of classes used those are admin and book shelf. The admin class contains the Add/delete and search to books any users. Book shelf containing the operations like update, modification, add, delete by admin and user.

Download E-Book Reader Project Class Diagram .

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