E-Bazar Computer Project in Asp.Net with Project Report

Introduction to E-Bazar Computer Project in Asp.Net:

The project is developed using ASP.NET, AJAX, HTML, CSS and SQL.E-bazar main aim it to build a bridge between seller retailer and customer. E-bazar software is user-friendly quick learnable and with menu driven user interface. By this web-based software vendors and customers can connect with each other via internet as medium.

The customer need not go to the shop and buy the products he can simply purchase all the products from home or anywhere. The admin module in this application has facility to request or reject shops. E-bazar is standalone software.


E-bazar features the e-shopping-bazar focuses on e-shopping where the customer and vendor can meet for online shopping and selling purpose. It runs on both windows as well as LINUX. By using this application so much work task is reduced and it is going to bring a revolution in e-marketing.

Product Functions:

E-BAZAAR Administrator:

The admin is the super user and he has facility to control all the activities. The admin is notified by new shop requests he has an option to reject or accept it. The admin manages the all the product category lists.

Shop Owner:

The shop owner can request admin for the shop creation. Then admin notified the request based on his decision the shop owner can put their shop. The owner has to maintain and setup like creating sub product list. He can add or remove the products.

 E-BAZAAR Customer/Guests:

The customer can browse through the products and he can buy the products whatever likes and these products are placed in virtual cart list from this user can add or remove the products. For purchasing products customer has register and have to fill up all the details in the form after he can change any profile information after that he can buy products.


A purchasing manager monitors the activities of purchasing. Sales manager monitors sale of products. Account manager checks all accounts.

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