Dynamic Search Algorithm in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks Project Abstract

Introduction to Dynamic Search Algorithm in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks Project:

In unorganized peer-to-peer networks, creating effective search algorithms is a major challenge. Two usual types of search algorithms include flooding and random walk(RW). Flooding conducts an aggressive search that involves utmost nodes. As it produces several query messages, it can’t be scaled. On the other hand, RW conducts a conventional search and produces a limited query messages but consumes a lengthy search time.

Therefore Dynamic Search(DS) algorithm is suggested, which is a  generalized form of Flooding and Random Walk. When it comes to short-term search, DS follows flooding, whereas it follows RW during long-term search. In order to refine the performance of the search, DS unites with the knowledge-based search mechanisms. The performance of DS is calculated by few performance measures such as success rate, search time, query hits, query messages, query efficiency etc. As shown by the outcome, DS offers  a good tradeoff  within performance and price. According to the power-law graphs, DS functions 25 times better than flooding and 58 times better than RW  and as per the bimodal topologies, it functions 186 times better than flooding and 120 times better than RW. 

Dynamic Search algorithm has benefits such as reduced search time and combines both flooding and random walk technique. These algorithms take the benefit from the knowledge gained from the earlier search outcomes and on the basis of the knowledge, they route query messages with various weights. 

Hardware Requirements: 

The hardware requirements include any Processor above 500 MHz, a RAM of 128 Mb, a Hard Disk of 10 Gb, a Compact Disk of 650 Mb, a standard keyboard and  mouse and a VGA and High Resolution Monitor as an output device. 

Software Requirements: 

The software requirements involve Windows Family as an Operating System, JDK1.5 as a Language, Microsoft Sql Server as a Database and Java Swing as Front end.

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