Dynamic Routing with Stegnography MS Project Introduction

Secure routing protocol is to improve the data security by specifying various routes dynamically i.e., specifying multiple paths. These paths are then identified by an online manner and also the extra controlled messaging is required.

Many a developers tried to a maximum extent of developing the routing security mechanisms like randomized routing means ,online manner on message flooding, traffic spreading  scheme to reduce the likelihood of  eavesdropping etc..

In this present Dynamic Routing with Stegnography project presentation are going to introduce dynamic routing algorithm for enhancing the security of the data with no use of any extra messages for controlling.

Here we also point out how various paths are specified for random transmission of the data which is in the form of small packets, also   we propose a distance based algorithm for dynamic routing algorithm for achieving efficient results.

The main aim of this MS Project Introduction is to provide stochastic paths for the transmission of the data; the routing algorithm used is the distance vector based algorithm.

    Every node in the network has a routing table and a link table. In this project we use different topologies which are the backbone of the networks used like AT&T US topology, DANTE Europe topology. The back bone networks are applied to the commercial/enterprise networks.

Even though it yields many better results it has some draw backs like limitation of the number of the nodes, intra domain system and mainly the topology is inflexible and fully linked.

Here in this we present Distributed dynamic routing algorithm which has two parts: the delivery paths and maintenance of the extended routing table randomly and dynamically.

          In randomization process, firstly we will use hash in the next hop for the preceding packet delivery of the source node and then the process randomly picks up the neighboring node for the transmission of the packet .

Proposing Task:

          In this present dissertation project we briefly present the different routing algorithms used and provides a literature review on the data communication and also to provide a comparative study of them.

          Literature review provides us with the information on different routing methods, various routing paths and the data disintegration. Here in this MS Project am going to present a high end security on data by the in different paths by the use of stegnography methods.

Implementation tasks:

          In this Dynamic Routing project we implement dynamic routing algorithm for the data transmission in multiple routes by the disintegration of the data.

Proposing Research work:

My main concentration is on the security aspects while de fragmenting the data over the networks

My contribution: 

  Here am just concentrated on providing the better security, so I am making use of the stegnography methods applied on data disintegration.

This Project Report is written & submitted by Chandu.

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