Dynamic routing with stegnography Masters in Computer Networks Degree Project

Dynamic Routing with Stegnography:

This report has been submitted for the partial fulfillment of Masters in Computer Networks degree

While transferring the data from one terminal to the other there may be a delay in the time due to the data traffic and congestion which occurs during transmission. This may lead to the loss of time, consistency and security of the data. So for sending data from one terminal to the other various routings methods are specified.

          In this present presentation we present a dynamic routing technique securing the data from the attackers. It is the most efficient algorithm for the secure data transmission over a network to the destiny. This present technique is just an application of the different routing protocols like RIP (Routing information Protocol) and the other one is the DSDV protocol (Destination Sequenced Distance Vector)  for wired and wireless  networks without introducing  without any introduction of any extra controlled messages. Dynamic routing algorithm just specifies stochastic paths for the transmission of the data. This process can be achieved by specifying multiple routes for the transmission of the data by fragmenting of the data.

Table Of Contants

1.     Introduction

1.1     Introduction About Project

1.2     Theme Of The Project

1.1   Deliverables

1.2     Organisation Of The Report

2.     Research (Literature Review)

2.1     Networking

2.2     Routing Strategy

2.3    Distance Vector Algorithm

2.4     Security Enhancements

3.     Design

3.1     Modules

3.2    Uml

3.3     Data Flow Diagrams

4.     Implementation

4.1     Technologies

4.1.1     Java:

4.1.2     Java Swings:

4.2     Other Non Funtional Requirements

4.3     Screen Shot Explanation

5.     Testing

6.     Conclusion And Future Work



This Project Report is written & submitted by Chandu.

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