Dynamic and Automated Web Publishing Software Project Abstract

    Dynamic and Automated Web Publishing Software Project Description:

 Dynamic and Automated Web Publishing Software is an online editing system for editing web pages of different sites very easily from online. It isvery much useful for websites hosting people to edit the pages on-fly which they hosted.    

              In real time scenario web page designing is a important for web site developers. It is always a time taking process to develop on system and upload it to server. So in order to solve reduce time we are implementing online web design software application.

 As the usage internet is increased every work is done through online like cod debugging …etc. Similarly this project will be help full for users.

 This application is implemented in java language using oracle as back end database.                      


   1.      Page manager module,                                                                                                                         

   2.      Management module,

   3.      Synchronization module,

   4.      Static export module,

   5.      Site manager module.

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