Driving Without Wheels Flying Without Wheels Mechanical Seminar Topic

Introduction to Driving Without Wheels Flying Without Wheels Mechanical Seminar Topic:

Driving without wheels flying without wheels concept is a mechanical seminar topic which explains about new technologies of transportation which are cheap and effective methods. This technology is alternative to existing railway systems. Developing countries like India can use this technology for provide best service for transportation for shorter range travelling with low budget. Main advantages of using this technology are non contact and non wearing propulsion, not dependent on friction and there are no wheels axle used.

In this seminar topic we cover details about magnetic levitation, principles of levitation (electromagnetic and electro dynamic), linear induction motor in magnetic levitation, LIM characteristics, LIM requirements and benefits of LIM.

We provide prepared paper presentation on this mechanical seminar topic for free download. Mechanical engineering final year students can use this topic as seminar topic and find more related paper presentations from below related topics links.

Download driving without wheels flying without wheels mechanical seminar topic from this link. 

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