Downtime Analyzer CSE Project Abstract

Introduction to Downtime Analyzer CSE Project:

In the modern technological savvy world the consumers are more aware of the products they need and as a result there is a stiff competition from the manufactures to provide better quality products according to the need and demand in the market, for that the manufacturing company has to ensure their internal structure is strong enough to incorporate market demands on time. Often bad management at the floor level of a company can lead to disastrous result in the consumer market.   This client-server application allows the top officials of the company to identify the problem areas of a company and helps them to take necessary actions to compensate it. To maintain the production capacity is so important and for that all the machinery should be in super smooth running condition. It is very necessary to analyze the problem areas in the machinery and if it is beyond reparable replace it with new machinery

Downtime analyzer application focuses on mainly four areas.

1)      Identifying the production delays

2)      Prioritizing the maintenance of the defective machinery

3)      Issuing purchase order for buying new product to increase overall efficiency

4)      Overhaul of the current procedures and methodology of the company 

Scheduling of events is important as it saves time, money and energy. Assigning skilled laborers for specific works and bringing the best out of them will always increase productivity.  Since all the downtime capturing is automatic, the manual recording job can be completely avoided which in turn will minimize errors.  Innovative production procedures & new machineries will help to bring in new fleet of product range in the market. The managers of the company; plant manager or production manager would be able to work on the machinery maintenance, work prioritization, adopting innovative procedures to uptime optimization more effectively.  If the admin has to perform the analysis, it is necessary to authenticate first and then send a request to the server for the response and then the analysis is performed.  

Download Downtime Analyzer CSE Project Abstract and reference documents.

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