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Introduction to Seminar Topic on Virtual keyboard:

This is the new feature added to the computer systems. As today’s computers are going small and small. They are keep on decreasing the size if their devices. But one thing that is the same from the past time. Keyboard always remain the same as from past time. It has 104 keys as it used to be in earlier time. Nothing changed except the look. Keyboards comprise the lots of arrangements of switches and gates. They have pins that are used for input and output process.

General keyboards have microprocessors that control the whole keyboard. But to overcome this entire problem we have developed the new keyboards that are based on the light.  For that we have to use special device that will project the combination of some lights that will create keyboard on the flat surface. For that we need surface so that keyboard is visible properly and work correctly. In this we don’t have buttons to press them, we just need them to touch the light and the sensors will detect the motion and print the word on the screen.

We need a software for that device that and then device need to be connected with computer or mobile. Then the device will project the keyboard on the screen. Layout of the keyboard can be set as per requirement by doing changes in the software. Example canasta is the keyboard that has the capability to project the keyboard.

Other technology is the sense board. In this user have to wear the device and then move the fingers for the word. They connected with the help of the Bluetooth. Here no projection is used. This can be like bracelet. Example kitty, it is the wearable computer, keyboard independent. Sensors in this device just rack the motion of the fingers.

Download  Download Seminar Report on Virtual keyboard .

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