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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Computers, robots, and many electronic machines which work on instruction given by human being or work for the purpose they have programmed are become a vital part of our life. This machine helps us to reduce our work load. They are designed with a aim to work with human efficiency or more than that. The study and design of such machines is called artificial intelligence. In this paper we will have a short description about artificial intelligence and some details about this technology.

 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence aims at studying designing the machines with human intelligence. Artificial intelligence builds intelligent systems. Artificial intelligence is a computer field. It defines the method of problem solving. It provides a direction in which manner a problem solving should take place as in first the problem is defined, then it is reasoned, and so on many process take place to solve a problem.

 The way a human reacts to a particular situation is taken under consideration. This develops a way of thinking for a particular problem. Artificial intelligence comes into picture when no solution works to solve a particular problem. AI was considered to be more prominent in the field of games, logical reasoning. It further gained importance in the field of robotics, and then it was further used in military for safeguarding the country by U.S army. AI also lead to reasoning and abstraction.

 It aims at building the creatures having the sense of intelligence. The input to the AI system is a problem which gives the solution to this problem. As it is not connection-ism  it is not neural networks, it is not a German philosophy, and it is also not blackboard. Limits of AI are it is totally performance oriented. AI system work as per the instruction given to them by human being or  as per they have being programmed by human beings.

Download Download Artificial Intelligence Seminar Report

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