Donate to Children Foundation HTML mini Project

Project Title : D2C Foundation HTML mini Project
Project Duration 3 Months
Front End HTML,CSS and JavaScript
Back End Ms-Access

 Description: D2C is Donate to Children Foundation; the main aim of this HTML Project is to help orphan children, it is a non profitable foundation which does help for the children, who are from poor background, this foundation helps children for education, food, clothes and shelter. People who are interested to help poor children can donate money either by cheque, cash or using debit card and they donate food items by courier. This is a simple final year mini project developed by HTML & Java script. Here MS-Access is the backend server to store all children details.

19 Replies to “Donate to Children Foundation HTML mini Project”

  1. I want mini project full details with source code pls send to my mail id

    Front end : HTML
    Back end : java script.

  2. I need a mini project with the below specifiers
    Front end: HTML
    Back End: MS Access
    Source Code: Java Script
    Could you please help me get it?

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