Distributor Management System Project Abstract

Introduction to Distributor Management System:

Distributor Management System Project is a Web-Based application using HTML. The main idea of Distributor management system project is to develop an online portal for maintaining and analyzing the sales of product in market. The database also has all the updated information of the details of the sales that are done while communication on/via internet. 

The main feature of the project is to anatomize the sales of product by a manager by the details given by sales manager, representatives and distributors. It is proving a very handy tool for the sales manager to know about the sales of the products done by the employee’s and by themselves in various areas. 

This existing system helps in giving complete figure out about the products that are moving of the market. 

There are 5 Departments in the existing system:- 

The modules are as follows:-

1)      Administrative department

2)      Manager department

3)      Distributors department

4)      Sales Managers department &

5)      Representatives department 

Administrative Department:-This department has veto rights. It has the right to delete/remove any person from the system and also has a right to change the details of the products in the database. It also provides the facilities to send E-mails to any of the person in the system. 

Managers Department:- This department is made to help and low down the work of Administrative Department. Like the Administrative Department this department does not have any of the rights to delete/remove any person nor has the right to change the details of products. It sets the target for the Distributer Department in monthly basics and to evaluate the distributors. 

Distributors Department:- This department contains the members that are the distributers. Each and every single distributer has to submit sales by sales form. Some target is set by the distributer to the sales manager which evaluates their progress. The Mailing facility is not there in this department. 

Sales Manager Department:- This department has sales manager as its members. The right of the Sales Manager Department is as same as those of Distributors Department. 

 Sales Representative Department:- This Department has sales representative as its members. This department can send mails to any member of the department.

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