Distribution Management System Project Modules

Distribution Management System Project Modules over view is provided in this article. Users can download project report and synopsis with PPT from below links.

Area Master

            Area master is the task where an administrator is supposed to provide the distance between an area for different syndicate members.  This distance is later used to know the nearest syndicate member for a customer. 

Product Master

            This is the task where an administrator needs to enter the details of the products according to the category wise into the database.  Here he has to update the details of the products whenever they are changed. 

Member Administrator

            In these tasks the administrator has to maintain the details of the syndicate members.  Here he may add a new syndicate member, edit the details of a syndicate member and delete a syndicate member.  All the syndicate member details are stored in different tables in the database. 

Visitor Administration

            In this task the administrator has to maintain all the details of the visitor in the database. He may need to edit or delete the details of the visitors. 

Category master

            This is the task in which an administrator adds edits or deletes the details of categories.  All the products are divided into categories depending on their type. 

Accessories Master

             This module is used to inform the customers and visitors about the various accessories available.  Here all the details of the accessories are entered into the database and updated or deleted or edited whenever necessary. 

Generate Quotation

            In this module a Quotation is generated based on the system specification selected by the customer in the build computer module.  This quotation is later mailed to the concerned syndicate member and the visitor/ customer. 

Warranty and Replacement

            Warranty check is done when a customer approaches for a replacement.  If the product warranty has not expired then the necessary replacement action is performed otherwise if the warranty period has been expired there will be no replacement and for further details he is asked to contact the concerned Syndicate member. 


            Help is the module in which an e-mail application is created.  If any customer/visitor needed some details and has any doubts he may search through the FAQ provided.  If still he is not satisfied he may contact the administrator by sending a mail with question and receive immediate response.

Download Distribution Management System Project Synopsis, PPT.

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