Distributed Systems Architecture Models

In general a mobile agent is an autonomous and independent software module that can handle the individual user requests and gather the required monitoring information by visiting all the target nodes across the network. The most common advantages of these mobile agents include dynamic network updates, handling the network traffic, delay and enabling the asynchronous execution of the programs.

In general mobile agent based monitoring can be categorized in to two different types like centralized and hierarchical, where the centralized agent based monitoring returns the updates from a centralized architecture and a hierarchical method visits the nodes across the network based on a predefined hierarchy. The main problem with the centralized method is the scalability and the hierarchy method can solve the scalability issues in many aspects.

Hierarchical monitoring system will partition the network in to different hierarchies and a new monitoring agent is deployed across each hierarchy and thus the problem of scalability can be solved easily. The main aim of this project is to develop a hierarchy based mobile agent based monitoring system, where the complete network is divided in to number of hierarchies and a dynamic mobile agents is created to collect the individual statistics against the nodes of each hierarchy. Entire wireless sensor network is divided in to different hierarchies based on the node models and each and every hierarchy is provided with a software mobile agent module to collect the individual statistics of the nodes and the monitor the faults across the network.

To create an efficient application, some faults like large database requests, heavy network traffic and delays are incurred across the wireless sensor network. Behavior of the network is monitored against these conditions using the mobile agents and the basic monitoring results are tracked and the possible solutions are proposed across this application. 

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