Distributed System Research Paper

Aims and Objectives 

Following are the aims and objectives of this research 

Aim:  To develop a hierarchical based dynamic mobile agent to monitor the faults across the dynamic distributed systems 


Following are the research objectives 

  • To review and critically analyze different mobile agent based fault tolerant monitoring systems for dynamic distributed systems and evaluate the gaps in the literature
  • To design a hierarchical wireless sensor network using java swings concept
  • To develop a dynamic mobile agent based fault tolerant monitoring system using java that can collect the statistics from different nodes of the wireless sensor network
  • To develop a SQL database to maintain the routing tables and store the collected monitoring information.
  • To test the application against the aim of the project and evaluate the results 

Project plan

Task Description Start Date End Date Duration
Project Introduction  Following aspects are covered for this task 

  • Problem definition and motivation
  • Aims and Objectives


    1 week 
Literature Review  Following topics are covered under literature review 

  • Introduction to distributed systems
  • What is fault tolerance and mobile agent based monitoring
  • Different types of faults across the wireless sensor networks
  • Existing techniques to handle these faults and their limitations
  • Proposed system


    3 weeks 
Design  Following design aspects covered 

  • Front end design covering the model of wireless sensor network
  • Business logic design that describes the actual coding logic used
  • Database design which deals with all the tables and stored procedure used in this application


    2 weeks 
Coding  Following modules are coded in this project 

  • Front end code using java swings
  • Business logic code
  • Database coding using JDBC connectivity programming


    4 weeks 
Evaluation of results  Following tasks are included in this section 

  • Testing the outputs
  • Bug fixing
  • Evaluation of results against the aims and objective of the project


    1 week 
Final Thesis preparation        1 week 


  This paper is written and submitted by sai

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