Distributed Networks Project abstract on Mobile Agent Based Fault Tolerance System

Distributed networking is widely used these days and apart from the list of advantages provided with the distributed networks, there are few limitations across these networks and the key among them are faults that occur frequently across the networks.

Among these faults link failures and switching the mode of distributed networking are important to be considered and there are many fault recovery techniques across the literature and most of them are static in nature and can’t detect the dynamic link failures across the network.

The main aim of this project is to evaluate the role of mobile agent based fault tolerance system for the distributed networks and to make this proposed application, a simple java based application is used. Swings framework is used to create the user interface and Oracle SQL is used as the database to handle the tables.

Two servers and a master server are created and each server can handle two clients and the faults like link failures and distributed network off are inserted in this project and from the results it is clear that the mobile agent can handle the dynamic link failures and improve the overall performance of the distributed network.

This paper is written and submitted by sai

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