Distributed Cache Updating For Dynamic Source Routing Protocol Project Report

Security of the data and prevent the loss of data being sent via router  is very important .The main aim of the project Distributed Cache Updating for Dynamic Source Routing Protocol is eliminating the problem of loss of data packet during the packet are being transmitted from the router by using the protocol. In the existing system the TCP/IP performance is being lowered due to loss of data, router failures, congestion in the network due to bad weather and also no track of the information about the failures so it becomes difficult to recover the data.  In this case if failure occurs the data packet have to sent again and this increases the time for receiving and sending of data.

Lets have look how the proposed system helps us to eliminate all the above stated drawbacks. the proposed system is being designed to maintain a Cache Table by the routers which will contain the information of the routing path. This table will contain all the information regarding the routers through which the packet will travel through will sending and receiving the information.  Every router will maintain its own cache table and contain the information about its neighboring router. In case if any router fails during the transmission of the data the cache algorithm removes this router and routes the information to the destination router through other router in the network. This algorithm helps to reduce the time in sending and receiving the data. If at any stage any  important data packet is being lost and, cache algorithm helps to track the router from where the data packet is being lost and send that particular data packet again to the destination. The algorithm used contains some modules which are as follows.

a.)    Route Request

b.)    Message Transfer.

c.)    Route Maintenance.

Cache Updating

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