Project on Distributed Cache Updated System for DSR (Dynamic Source Routing Protocol) as a part of engineering final year project. In this, a user can easily understand the disconnection in the huge network.

Foreground Java & Background SQL Server Software technologies used to develop this final year major project.

This project mainly consists of four modules named request new route module, maintenance new route module, data transferring module and updating message cache module.

Before going to send message first we should provide destination node in the drop down list then after we can enter the message what we are going to send in the message text box, we have two options available to send the entered message one send button and second clear button, Here we should keep select Node active button before sending. 

In the message transformation box, we can see the message sender name, route path & finally the message what we send to the receiver.

Download Distributed Cache Updated System for DSR (Dynamic Source Routing Protocol)