Distributed Airline Reservation Management System Project in Java

Distributed Airline Reservation Management System Project in Java is a web based application which is useful for booking different airlines tickets though online. This application covers all features that are available in existing systems.

Distributed Airline Reservation Management System Project in Java

Existing System 

             Airline Reservation System is a System including Inventory, Fares, Enquiries, Reservations etc. 

           All user/agents are allocated  a SINE code which is used during sine-on and then appended to all transactions carried  out by the agent for security purpose. 

           It has the following Dis-advantages: 

1>  Reservations does not support up to 1 year.

2>  Accessing and updating the system is slow.

3>  It is a file based processing.

Proposed Distributed Airline Reservation Management System : 

Using the distributed technology we can handle these problems easily. In general a distributed process means that a program in execution makes use of resources in other machine. The two technologies for distributed processing available are J2EE and .NET .  In the “Airline reservation system” J2EE is used for managing distributed systems. So that  even if the Airline system has lot of branches and they are located at different places , we can handle the management of service and guarantee.            

            The proposed system for the problem is “Airline reservation system” , a web based  application that is useful for  online reservations. The system is divided into three layers namely presentation layer , business layer and data layer. The presentation layer is at the client side. At server side  , business layer and data layer reside. 

The system requires a server side technology for its implementation. J2EE platform is chosen for implementing the system. At server side   Servlet plays the role for business layer and JDBC for the data layer. 

It has the following advantages. 

 1> Reservations are supported up to 1 year.

2>Accessing and Updating the system is Fast.

3>It is Implemented using the concepts of RDBMS.

Problem Statement 

The objective of the project is to design and implement the software which helps the Airline System employees to issue reservation tickets for various Air flights and maintain the records of various passengers and provide quick services to the passengers. It provides the following services: 

  • Reservation and Cancellation of the Airline tickets. 
  • Maintains the passengers’ records. 
  • Reports about the daily transactions  of the Airline System. 
  • Quick Response to the passengers. 
  • Automation and integration of Airline system functions.

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