Digital signature algorithm project abstract

Introduction to Digital signature algorithm project:

Digital signature algorithm project is implemented in java platform using apache tomcat application server and oracle as back end database. Main aim of digital signature algorithm project is to deal with few issues that can provide security services which need to be implemented in network. This application mainly deals with security threats that are seen in network and to provide a end to end secured communication for user without any middle hackings or threats to messages and deal with three key areas like secrecy, authentication, non repudiation and integrity.

In order to provide these services we use digital signature algorithm (DSA) using hash algorithm. Input signature is added with hash code along with a random numbers that are generated with particular signature. Each user will be provided with a security key or private key and a global key.

When message is received at other end public key and hash code is verified and if these hash code and public key matches with the components of signature message is validated.

For more information on this topic students can download reference material from below link.

Computer science and information technology students can find more digital signature related projects with source code for free download.

Download Digital signature algorithm project abstract from this link.

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