Difference between MVC1 and MVC2 in Struts – Struts Tutorial

Difference b/w MVC1 & MVC2:-

  • In MVC1-> same resource (like servlet program or JSP program) contains view layer, controller layer logics but model layer logics will be placed separately.
  • In MVC2-> different resources will be taken for different layers; i.e. for every layer of web application separate resource will be taken.
  • Use MVC1 or MVC2 architectures to overcome the problems of model1 architecture.
  • Model 1 architecture is suitable for small scale web application.
  • MVC1 architecture is suitable for medium scale web application.
  • MVC2 architecture is   suitable for medium scale and large scale web application. 
  • Compare to model 1 architecture MVC1 architecture gives clean  separation of logics but to get more clean separation of logic prefer working with MVC2 architecture.
  • The projects that are developed by using old technologies or out dated technologies or old versions of existing technologies are called as “legacy projects”.

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