Device Driver Development in Linux Technical Seminar Presentation

The main aim of this white paper is to provide information about driver where driver is the program to provide input and output operation to perform. According to the Device Driver Development in Linux Technical Seminar Presentation system bases device driven or Software driver is software program. Dongle is small hardware device which plug in to USB or serial port into system and this device one end is connected to pc card of laptop and other one is an Ethernet cable. This is the project taking the input as USB to RS-232 Converter and the operating system is Linux many of the mother contain two serial ports but if add to more serial type ports device driver can provide virtual COM ports. It allows like plug and play device and the device can configure and load automatically the device software contain property which we developed when the device node opened. When the device take node and device driven going to kernel then it create virtual COM portend it act as external COM port in the system, it act as USB port and COM port.

The Device drive is a hardware depending up on the system specification

Linux is special kind of operating system it free to download the system, free resource to access the system, open source operating system, and platform independent.

Linux is excite large kind of application to fulfill the end users, and it include the libraries function, Linux kernel and supporting the usage of the programs USB is a device designed by the peripherals of computer USB can use as Mass storage, Network Adapters and Media Players. This is impact in port for serial, parallel and Power chargers.

This Driver intimates the system when it is connected and disconnecting the system and it provide the mediator between system and software. Basically device driver is the interface between software and hardware.

This is like a driver can be When the USB connected it is automatically connected to the system.

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