Development of Voice over WIFI Integrating Mobile Networks

Introduction to Development of Voice over WIFI Integrating Mobile Networks:

This white paper is about the emerging convergence between WiFi technologies and cellular mobile technologies. This convergence can be seen as one of the emerging market which has capability to impacts telecommunication service providers and policy frameworks. Also explains about the VoWiFi handsets which enable the chance of mild roaming data and voice between WiFi and 3G. 

Voice over WiFi :

VoWiFi provides voice over WiFi.  VoWiFi comes into light as there is an increase in roaming between WiFi and mobile networks, significantly with 3G.  Joining of VoIP and WiFi helps to reduce the voice services cost and also helps to meets the increased roaming services and for accessing broadband services.

WiFi and VoWiFi impacts 3G Development:

VoWiFi, or VoIP over WiFi, helps users to access data and video at  low cost and also allow them to make voice calls.  3G services will be impacted a lot in the way it structured and priced with the development of VoWiFi service.  The data transfer speed in 3G is about 1/2 Mbps slower than Wi-Fi’s speed.  Now-a-days, service providers are planning to establish WiFi in urban areas with ubiquitous coverage. Mobile operators co-exist with WiFi after comparing its benefits with the benefits provided by 3G in hotspots.  As 3G is available to users moving at high speeds whereas WiFi requires users should be stationary. Because of this fact, many were arguing as WiFi could be 3G additional source rather than its substitute. 

Advantage when VoWiFi interconnecting with mobile networks:

The benefits provided by VoWiFi  to users will affect its significant demand in market over the next few years. Dual handsets users can make calls at low cost when compared to mobile phones.

Calls generated in hotspots results significant savings by consumers. VoWiFi also provides new features like accessing e-mail, Internet, location information, etc. at a low cost. 

Technical issues:

Quality of service, adequate bandwidth, Security and privacy, Interoperability, Interferences and complexity are few of the technical issues faced by VoWiFi services. 

Operational issues:

Seamless roaming and single dual-mode handset, Attractive applications, Billing for VoWiFi/mobile roaming and Other issues such as limited battery power, high cost of chipset are few of the Operational issues faced by VoWiFi services.

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