Development of Security Policies for Banks- Network security Project

Title: Development of Security Policies for Banks

Study Area Review:  To study the Online and Network security across the typical online banking applications

Aims: To develop a framework for security policies for Banking sector in order to help to prevent banks from various security threats and safeguard their systems thereby preventing any loss to the bank by developing an application

i. To do research on online attacks and threats
ii. To study different online banking security policies and how they are affected by the security threats
iii. To propose solutions to the threats that the banks frequently face.
iv. To develop a framework for security policies to safeguard financial institutions against cyber attacks, theft etc through a programming approach.


Following are few deliverables for this project
• A well documented literature survey with all the online banking security threats and policies
• Complete code implementing all the security policies with appropriate screen shots
• Final project report

Project Type: A critical analysis project

This is a Microsoft dot net application that can implemented over a typical online network configuration

Professional Project Claim

Microsoft Dot net in specific ASP, Pentium processor to execute the operations.

• Proper project plan is being prepared to enable the application to follow strict timelines
• I am following standard templates while preparing the documentation to ensure the quality of document and literature review
• All the coding standards and best practices are being implemented to ensure the quality of coding done
• Prototype software model is being developed to check the reliability of the application
• Multiple levels of testing will be done to deliver the quality product

Research Methodology:

Both qualitative and quantitative methods can be used to proceed with the research methodology. Following are the specific methods being followed

• Online articles, journals and books are referred to understand the security policies
• Case studies are considered to develop the web based application
• Questionnaires are prepared to understand and gather the information about the common problems faced across the online banking applications

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