The main aim of this Development of color sensor using wireless camera based on MATLAB image  processing project is to develop a color sensor using a camera that can be implemented using MATLAB based Image Processing. Color is the most common feature to distinguish between objects, sorting and recognizing. This technology can be used in Packaging industries where the objects moving through a conveyor belt have to get separated. This system provides such an automatic detecting of specific colored object which presented in front of video camera. The video will be transmitted to the PC. At PC section, this can be seen on PC and further processed through MATLAB. It detects the RGB values of an object that is present in front of Camera.

The video from the camera is transmitted to PC with MATLAB.   The detecting system of object has many advantages such as advanced performance, high reliability, etc. The detection unit reaches the maximum threshold level, this project can be further extended in many ways like can take the photos, displaying pictures, reading and projecting of the data on walls with help of  projector. 

The objectives of the project include: 

  1. Detecting object color by using image processing.
  2. Image processing through PC with MATLAB.
  3. RGB image processing. 

The major building blocks of this project are:

  1. PC with MATLAB
  2. AV transmitter and receiver. 

Software’s used: 

  1. MATLAB. 

Block diagram:


color sensor using wireless camera