Development of an Application for Receiving Orders for Printing Digital Photographs Project Abstract

Introduction to Development of an Application for Receiving Orders for Printing Digital Photographs:

Development of an application for receiving orders for printing digital photographs project is implemented in visual basic using SQL server and oracle. Main aim of this project is to provide solution for internet users to give orders of the images through online by selecting images from the user desktop computer. In existing system users need to go to digital shops or photo studios to take print of the images they want which is a time taking process.  As the usage of internet is growing from day to day and many works are going on through online we develop a software application through which user can give online orders by uploading images from desktop.

Users are provided with front end application where users will upload images from desktop by selection required features of the print out like size of the print and image type. After uploading image system will calculate size of image and calculate amount for printing that image. Users can precede printing by paying amount through credit card or visa card and provide shipping details.

Developing this application helps students to gain knowledge on design , implementation and user interface.

Functionality provided in this application

  1. Information related to prices based on image printing sizes are maintained in database.
  2. User interface for user to select image form his computer and upload to server
  3. User interface for user to modify delete uploaded images to server and know details about sizes and printing details and move forward for payment.
  4. For providing user with total amount application should calculate entire folder content and provide to user for payment.
  5. Payment mode for user using credit card and visa card or paypal and security for user information.
  6. Server will check card details and if it is correct images are uploaded to server and con form user request and user is sent with order number for future.
  7. Admin will look after requests and provide service.
  8. After order is shipped to user and conformation is received images are deleted from server.

Download Development of an Application for Receiving Orders for Printing Digital Photographs Project Abstract.

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