Development of a HTTP Caching Proxy Server in Java Project Abstract

Introduction to Development of a HTTP Caching Proxy Server:

Development of HTTP caching proxy server in java project explains about concept of a mediator between client and server for reducing load and improving performance for fast data accessing. Proxy servers maintain database where files like images, files..Etc is stored which takes permissions from servers to send data to clients. Proxy servers also provide security and caching related functions.

This project can be implemented using software languages like C++, UNIX, java. Developing this project will help students to gain knowledge on analysis, design, implementation and testing.

Functionality and requirements for HTTP caching proxy server:

Here we provide list of functionalities http caching proxy server. Additional functionalities can be added this list based on requirements.

  1. Multiple users supporting is need with concurrency issues covered.
  2. Support caching internet objects like HTML , image files..ETC. Proxy server should establish connection between clients and servers and it should provide data to clients from its  database if any problem on proxy it should communicate with server and provide get relative data.
  3. It should work with different HTML versions and all HTTP messages.
  4. It should cover security features like accessing and denying specific user from specific ip address. It should have permissions to block websites and provide a file functionality for specifying rules related to security.

Before developing this project students should have basic knowledge on socket programming, windows and linux operating system, programming languages like c,c++ and java languages, concepts of cache management in proxy server.

In this abstract we provide short explanation about project and procedures followed to develop application and milestone and timelines that need to be followed to develop this application.

Students can find more related project documents and source code from this site for free download.

Download Development of HTTP caching proxy server in java project abstract.

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