Development of a Campaign Information System Project

In this paper, the insurance company is planning to start its campaign, in order to market and sale their products and services accordingly to their potential customers. Campaign is the process of marketing the products and goods by using any online or offline resources such as television, Paper Adds, Sign boards, magazines, social media sites etc. Each and every company has its own marketing campaigns in order to sale their products which differ from one company campaign with the other. In order to start any campaign there is a need of making a campaign plan that gives clear idea on the marketing needs, campaign estimations, costs to be spent, expected outcomes and problems and expected sales etc. There are two different aspects involved in campaigns such as actual variance percentage as well as estimated variance percentage which supports the companies in estimating or predicting their future business for the new products established into the market.

In order to perform these tasks, the new system will be developed that includes the different types of functionalities which is an internet based application. In this system, the initial step is login page in which user needs to enter their user id and password which has inbuilt password change option through which the passwords can be changed as per user requirements.

Steps to Run Project

In order to run this project, there is a need of creating two different platforms such as Microsoft platform as well as Java platform. In Microsoft platform the system will be designed by making use of the different types of Active server pages with front end Oracle SQL as well as back end of server DB2. The system is even designed by using Java platform by making use of Java server pages with Oracle or SQL front end and Server or DB2 backend.

Hardware requirements

This system needs PC with 5GB Hard disk along with 512 MB Ram with great resolution.

Software Requirements

The software requirements of this system are SQL Server or Oracle data base with Linux operating system and finally Tomcat version for Java programming. 

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