Developing A New Generation Network which beyond Internet and NGN

In Japan, researches have been taken place to develop new generation network beyond the existing internet and the next generation network. Both the next generation network and the internet are developed based on IP protocols. There is a need to develop a revolutionary network technology beyond the IP structure.                                                                              


Based on next generation standards advanced applications using next generation network can be developed. The main objective of NGN is to replace legacy telephone networks using IP network technologies.  Internet is a best effort bearer function to connect huge multiple IP packet router-based networks internally. The three popular communication networks are the telegraph, the telephone and the internet. The telegraph network to transfer Morse code through electric current.  The telephone is a network to transfer electrical waveforms which produced by vocal air vibration.

The internet is to transfer data between computers. The fourth network paradigm on which the researches are carrying out is NWGN. In this NWGN, versatile appliances will consider to determine the network architecture and protocol. NWGN is not developing as a replacement of any existing networks but it is developing with many additional characteristic together and with a clean-state network architecture definition. All the research output of all approaches like bottom-up or top down approaches and combined those outputs together helps to develop a solution for NWGN architecture and protocol. NWGN is developing as a fourth communication network paradigm.   From 2006, systematic researches have been carried out on this NWGN in Japan.  The important things need to be considered during the development and research of NWGN is the End Host, Layering, Identifier and locator separation and transported data format. 


Research on NWGN and Future Internet are targeted to build a new Paradigm beyond the Internet. The success of this research will help in develop tight collaboration among the different research communities, all over the world.

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