Introduction to Design of Compact Electro-Mechanical Actuator For Thrust Vectoring Project:

Design of compact electro mechanical actuator for thrust vectoring project is an aero space and mechanical engineering project. Main aim of this project is to design a compact electro mechanical actuator for a trust vector control. Components used in design of this project are belt drive, brushless DC motor and a roller screw. Using these components linear out is achieved from rational input and to these components nozzle and power supply is attached. Precise positioning is achieved by using feedback controllers as pair of resolvers and associated electronics. Design process is implemented in three stages conceptual, preliminary and detailed. Initially entire design is created in 3D model of the EMA which is followed by structural analysis using ABAQUS software.

In present scenario electro mechanical actuators are used in place of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators mainly in case of thrust vector control. Researches are working on alternate technology for hydraulics for control/gimballing of aircrafts. Electro mechanical actuators are best replace for space craft applications.

In this project report we cover detailed explanation on introduction, design principles, problem statement, motor selection, motion profile selection, controller selection, screw selection, screw selection, barring selection and other topics.

This project will help Aeronautical engineering students to gain knowledge on designing EMU and advantages between existing hydraulic system features and new technology features.

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