Design and Simulate A Multi-Site Network for A Small Company Project Report


Your task is to design and simulate a multi-site network for a small company – including a report on the network design 

Scenario: Use the scenario about the ‘Goyal Fabric Company’ used on assignment 1 of this unit (see Appendix 1). 

 Stage 1: Enter and simulate the Goyal Fabric Company as Company Headquarters (HQ) 

Stage 2: Expand the Goyal Fabric Company scenario, explaining your assumptions in a report, adding TWO additional buildings that are branches of the company at remote locations. For example: 

Goyal Fabric Company (HQ) – Bournemouth (including Operations and IT Dept)

Design Office – Manchester

Sales Department – London 


Goyal Fabric Company has outlined the following guidelines, make your own further assumptions and document them in the report. 

  • Users at Bournemouth HQ, as described in the original scenario
  • IT support at HQ need direct access to the entire network
  • About 50 employees in the Manchester Design Office need access to their own local server
  • Several wired workstations in the Sales Department at London for ‘hot-desking’
  • Access for 50 mobile laptops used by Sales people who visit their office in London
  • A server is needed for the Design office, and two for the Sales Department are located at HQ
  • The connection to the Internet is via HQ with address
  • A Web server is needed as in the original scenario 

Design Guidelines 

Design and document suitable logical and physical arrangements for the Goyal Fabric Company network: 

  1. Departments should each be on VLANs connected at routers
  2. Sites should be connected over WAN leased lines (HDLC or PPP), or over Frame Relay.
  3. Enable MAC address port security on LANs
  4. Enable authentication on WANs for security
  5. Bournemouth HQ should have a redundant switched network for resilience
  6. Default route to the Internet should be connected at HQ (propagated with OSPF to the other sites)
  7. DHCP, NAT,/PAT and ACLs are needed. 

Guidelines on Security Policy 

  1. HTTP access only for all sites to the Internet via HQ
  2. All other protocols should be denied Internet Access
  3. All internal PCs need to be able to access the web server
  4. Firewall needs to allow only established connections for replies to the web server
  5. IT support at HQ needs full access (ping, HTTP, FTP and telnet) throughout
  6. ftp and http is permitted from Design workstations to their own server. 


  1. Network design document – no more than 6 pages (Max 2000 words) excluding diagrams and appendices, as HARD COPY. 
  1. Demo in the lab – Using a network simulation tool (e.g. PACKET TRACER), enter your network configuration and simulate it. Packet Tracer file ON A CD.

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