The main aim of Design And Fabrication Of A Prismatic Prismatic Painting Robot project is to design and fabricate a prismatic-prismatic(pp) robot to paint a wall by specifying the coordinates and using the end-effector  as spray painting gun tool. 

Objective: Design and fabricate a PP robot i.e. obtain its direct, inverse and calculating the amount of torques required for two motors and then fabricate and use this for painting purpose.


  • For painting plain areas pp robot is very suitable since it has only two dimensions viz length and breath.
  • With the kinematic model and dynamic analysis developed we can use for building a robot of higher capacity.
  • The kinematic model about direct and inverse model analysis will be done on the above said robot.

Significance of problem:

This robot is planar robot with prismatic joints and can be effectively used for painting purpose where as RR type is effectively used for pick and place operation since my objective is to paint a wall the above said robot is quite suitable.

Advantages of solution: 

A systematic procedure that is followed can be used to developed similar robot of  higher capacity and paint large area walls.