Department of Computer Science & Engineering Project Certificate



Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Final Year Project Certificate 

This is to certify that the Mini-Project report entitled “SECURED MAODV”, that is being submitted by Krishna Doddi in partial fulfillment of requirements for the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering, to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur is a record of bonafied work carried out by them under my guidance and supervision.

The results embodied in this Mini-Project have not been submitted to any other University or Institute for the award of any Degree or Diploma. 

Guide & Head

  • Dr. P. Chenna Reddy
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  •  JNTUA College of Engineering
  • Pulivendula


It’s our privilege to say thank you to all, who helped us directly or indirectly, in successfully completion of this Mini-Project. 

                        Prof. B. Krishna Gandhi Garu, Honourable Vice Chancellor, JNTUA is the real motivation. It is his visionary that has manifested in the form of our Mini-Project.  Our Sincere thanks to him. 

                        The man who has helped us a lot in times of trouble, and who helped us in recovering from burnout problems is Prof. M.N.Giriprasad Garu, Principal, JNTUA College of Engineering Pulivendula. We are very thankful to him.           

                        The man who wished our success, who shared our joy, who was with us in times of trouble and who helped us in finding solutions to many of our Mini-Project related problems, and the man who has to be complemented for our success is our  Guide Dr. P. Chenna Reddy Garu, Associate Professor and Head of the Department, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, JNTUA College of Engineering Pulivendula. We are  thankful to him for his insightful supervision and encouragement. 

                        We thank all our friends and colleagues for their valuable comments, advice and encouragement. Their constructive criticism helped us a lot in the course of work .Finally we would like to thank our parents, completion of this work would have been impossible without them.We dedicate this Mini-Project at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Venkateswara Swami, to whom we are deeply indebted for providing us the favourable situation and making the flow course of this project smooth.

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