Dematerialisation of Securities MBA Project

Finance is the process of conversion of accumulated funds to productive usage. Finance helps to direct the flow of economic & facilitate in the firm’s smooth operations.

The study revealed to us that “De materialization of Shares” has brought about revolutionary changes like:

• Immediate transfer of shares, thereby minimizing time

• No Stamp duties on transfer shares

• Elimination of risk with physical certificates such as bad delivery, Fake certificates etc.,

Though there are certain shortcomings like:

• Overload of work due to heavy transactions

• Lack of necessary infrastructure and personnel at the depository participant.

It can be taken for sure that these shortcomings will be overcome in the next few years and this process will contribute towards the making of more efficient and investor friendly market.


• To know the mechanism in the De mat

• To study the activities in Primary Market and Secondary Market in the context of De materialization

• To study the activities of Depository Participants

• To study the process of Settlement

• To study the process of DE MAT

• To know the advantages of the DE MAT

• To know the services provided by the Depository Participant


The scope of the Dematerialisation of Securities MBA Project study is confined to the process of dematerialize of securities and its advantages.

The scope of the project is limited to the depository participant services through depositors.

Download Dematerialisation of Securities MBA Project.

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